Initially the Head Office of ABC Foundation has been set up in Barisal Sadar, Barisal, and the South most division of the country Bangladesh. Barisal is a densely populated city with a busy river port. The total area of the division is 13,295.55 Sq. kilometers with a total population of more than 81, 53,960. The density of population is 843 per sq. km and the average family size is 5.6 people. Barisal division consists of 06 districts, 38 upazillas and 280 unions. All the districts of Barisal division lie within the coastal belt. Because of, people of the rural, remote and char areas faces several devastating natural calamities like cyclones, tornados, floods, river erosions, droughts, excessive rainfalls etc. so often. Initially ABC Foundation concentrates on working in the entire division on the basis of its strategy. Particularly Gournadi and Mehendigonj upazila.